martes, noviembre 29, 2005

Hagaren Mary-Sue

What is you Hagaren Mary-Sue identity? by hitokiri_ninie
Your Name:
Your Mary-Sue Name:Pheonix
The Item you always carry:A small dagger, you always need it for you protection.
Your Unnatural Appearence:Blond and beautiful hair, all wavy. Grey eyes, like a stormy sky. Perfect body.
Your OOC Love Interest:Envy
Your Usual Clothing:Always black, the color of discretion.
Your Annoying Powers:You can kill someone only by looking at them.
Your Annoying Origin:You are the ''Old Lust'', and the most beautiful creature in the world, and you can use alchemy.
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Me he reido demasiado XDDDDDDD
Copiado respetuosamente del Journal de una artista recientemente conocida por mi (demás está decir que ella no me conoce XD), hime1999.

Hmmm... Envy... : )~~~


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